Joe Gransden Big Band Night


Joe Gransden Jazz Band Roswell Cultural Arts Center Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Do you just love the music of the Big Band Era? Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and so many more great bands. Those were the days of the big…



9 to 5








9 TO 5

Act3 Productions

through May 3, 2014

OMG. . . When you go to a local theatre and they present a show as if you were in SOHO, it just blows you away. And that is just what Act3 has done with 9 to 5. Directed by Patti Mactas, the show moves along with all of the songs written by Dolly Parton, plus loads of high energy choreography which is a sheer delight.

The theatre is a small stage, but with a set designed by Theresa Dean and Matthew and Rebecca Pino, it works easily and wonderfully. Clay Sasser and Johnna Mitchell choreographed the show which features a large cast, most of whom can dance the night away.

If you haven’t seen the movie or the musical before, it is a story of a company run by a sexist egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot who winds up facing three women who refuse to accept his demonic ways any more and you could say they tie him into reform. You meet Violet (Debbi Berton) who is a junior manager overdue for promotion, Doralee (Kate Merrihew) the object of the boss’s desires, and Judy (Lauren Cleland) the newbie with few, if any, skills. They are the team that finally takes down the boss, Mr. Hart (Russ Ivey).

There’s also Roz (Jennifer Morse) who, for reasons unknown, has the hots for Mr. Hart regardless of his shortcomings. There are another 21 cast members, every one of which pulls off their role with great aplomb. You can see the joy on their faces as the story moves on.

The youngsters may not get it; but those of us who have been in the work force will really dig it. Plenty of action, music and eye candy for all.

I just don’t have enough words of praise for this company and their production. It is professional and entertaining in every way. If you want a really great evening out, without high costs, then this is an ideal venue. For more info and tickets visit them

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