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Modern Choreographic Voices

Atlanta Ballet

through March 22, 2014

Just one more night to see this creative production of our Atlanta Ballet at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Marietta. This is not your Swan Lake sort of ballet. It is a stark set, with a some projected backdrops and just a few props.

The presentation consists of three ballets. Seven Sonatas choreographed by Alexi Ratmansky and performed to several keyboard pieces by Domenico Scarlatti, with Barbara Bilach at the keyboard and on stage. Six dancers perform classical steps and move with great style through the sonatas.

After a short intermission they present The Authors, which is a modern ballet created by company member Tara Lee, who also is part of the company in the third segment of the evening. I’m not certain where the music came from, with the exception of the final portion which was David Lang’s Anvil Chorus. You will see a company of five dancers going in and out of several doors as if Moliere had choreographed this one. And they do it quite well.

After the second intermission the final dance is Secus, choreographed by Ohad Naharin. And we were told to be aware of nudity in the performance. What we weren’t told was what it’s all about . . . . It is with the full company of 17 dancers in contemporary street garb doing their athletic moves. Is this dancing? If you look it up in a dictionary it suggests that to dance is to move your body in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of music that is being played. Well that ain’t quite what this is all about. Yes, it is energetic and you feel compelled to watch. No, the nudity doesn’t get anybody excited, and isn’t much. Not even the brief frontal exposures.
But, it probably isn’t one for the youngsters, as the message being sent is basically WTF.

If you are an avid ballet/dance patron then this is going to ring your chimes. But if you are trying to get somebody involved in becoming a ballet fan, then perhaps you should think it over. This one is not an audience builder other than for those already committed. So if that’s you, get your tickets right now at